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April 21, 2017 2 min read

Recently, Adidas unveiled their special edition Busenitz Pro 3rd and Army skateboarding shoe. Dennis Busenitz is a world famous skateboarder born in Munich, Germany and currently residing in San Francisco. After teaming up with Adidas in 2006, he has helped create a superb line ofskateboard shoes. “3rd and Army” references one of the most famous skate spots in the world, located in San Francisco. Today, few spots exist for skaters to shred in San Francisco, but the 3rd and Army spot remains available. Army is now Cesar Chavez Street, and this intersection is located at the end on Indiana street and is a favorite of Busenitz.

The Shoes  

Constructed out of genuine Italian leather, these shoes are a flat grey meant to mimic the pipes that characterize the famous skate spot. Like the scratched metal pipes at 3rd and Army, these shoes reveal a metal aesthetic when they are scraped and worn.This appearance is made possible by its innovative dual-layered Italian leather design. This shoe also features an excellent fit and comfort known as GEOFIT®.   

Which Shoelaces Go With These Shoes?

We recommend pairing these shoes with a simple, solid pair of shoelaces to match the understated beauty of these shoes. TheGrey Oval Shoelaces would perfectly match these shoes for a sleek, blended look. If you would like to add a brighter touch to your shoes, then you could pair them with our classicWhite Flat Shoelaces. Either way, we advise you to stay away from a brighter pair of shoelaces for these elegant skate shoes.

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