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April 20, 2017 2 min read

Just in time for spring, theNew Balance 696 Re-engineered made its debut for shoe lovers all over the country. These revamped classic running shoes are perfect for spring and summer. This running shoe is available in two different color schemes: pastel blue or sandy tan. Both shoes contain grey heel paneling, which contrasts with the bright white soles. Overall, the look is both sleek and stylish without sacrificing comfort. Of course, these shoes feature the “N” lettering that characterizes New Balance Shoes. These high-quality shoes even include a custom woven tongue label.

Which Shoes Should I Buy?

If you are more low key, you could always go with the sandy tan and grey color combination. However, if you like to incorporate soft accents of color into your wardrobe, we definitely recommend purchasing the blue and grey shoes instead.

Which Shoelaces Should I Get?

No matter which color shoe that you decide upon, you can’t go wrong by purchasing a pair ofWhite Flat Shoelaces. Made from premium polyester, these classic white shoelaces are a staple in the world of athletic shoes. The white perfectly accents the soft neutral colors of the shoes. Another excellent shoelace pairing would be to purchase theGrey Oval Shoelaces. These understated shoelaces would complement the gray heel paneling in the shoes. The gray shoelaces also add just the right amount of contrast with the pastel blue or the sandy tan. These shoes come with six eyelets, so we recommend 45” laces. We also pack each pair of shoelaces that we sell in reusable tubes.

 Are you in the market for a new pair of shoelaces for sneakers? Shop our wide selection of colored shoelaces at Lace Kings. We have flat laces, oval laces, rope laces, and more. Check out our sports shoelaces today at Lace Kings.



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