Colored Shoelaces: Try Tying Your Converse All Stars Using These Methods - Lace Kings

April 22, 2017

Shoes are a great way to polish off an amazing outfit. After all, the wrong pair of shoes could easily ruin an otherwise fantastic look. Think about it: If you wear a sharp, tailored suit in that perfect color with a ratty pair of orange loafers with holes, you’re not gonna look so great. On the other hand, if you wear that suit with a pair of Yeezy Boost 750s, you are sure to turn heads as soon as you walk into that special event. Not only can you change the look of your shoes by switching out your shoelaces, but you can also try changing the way that you tie your shoes. Converse All Stars have a relatively simple construction that allows for a variety of creative shoe tying ideas.

The Straight Across Method

The most common way to tie shoes is by using the traditional method of crisscrossing shoelaces. However, the straight across method works great and provides a crisp, clean aesthetic. To tie your shoes this way, tie your laces straight across the eyelets instead of using a crisscross pattern.

Color Bars

If you want to take your straight across lacing to the next level, try incorporating two different colored laces for each shoe. Basically, you tie two short laces of different colors together, and you want for one lace to be slightly longer than the other. Begin by pulling the part with the longest color through the eyelet closest to the toe and then across to its matching eyelet. Continue lacing across each row, alternating the colors.

If you want to try one of these alternate methods of lacing your Converse All Stars, you will need a variety of shoelaces. Lace Kings features several different colors of flat laces to choose from, as well as rope laces and oval laces. Shop our selection of colored shoelaces at Lace Kings today.



Lace Kings Shoe Lace Sizing Guide

Lace Kings is proud to offer all of the most popular sizes in shoe laces, including 27 inch, 36 inch, 40 inch, 45 inch, 49 inch and 54 inch shoelaces.

Wondering what length of white, black, or colored shoe laces are best for your shoes?

The best way to determine your shoe laces size is to measure the length of the shoelaces you are replacing!

If you are unable to measure the old shoe laces you want to replace, please refer to the shoe lace size chart below. The correct Lace Kings shoe lace length is determined by how many pairs of eyelets (or holes) your shoes have.

Contact us if you have any questions about choosing shoe lace lengths.

4 27" 69cm
5 36" 91cm
5 - 6 40" 102cm
6 45" 114cm
6 - 7 49" 129cm
8 54"