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April 18, 2017 2 min read

Adidas Gazelles have long been a favorite shoe of soccer fans and non sports fans alike, and Adidas recently revamped its classic shoe line. Originally, this line of shoes was created in the 1970s for sports training purposes. However, these shoes made a very successful comeback in the 1990s, and this year’s new designs could be just as popular. Released just in time for the spring and summer, Adidas released the women’s Gazelle PK W in “easy green” and pink. Perfect for warmer weather months, these pastel colored shoes are sure to brighten up your entire look.

Adidas Gazelle PK W

Adidas Gazelles are perhaps some of the most popular shoes that the company has ever made. Featuring a pigskin T overlay and goatskin lining, these shoes are incredibly comfortable. The sleek and modern design of these shoes are complemented by the three white stripes that characterize Adidas shoes. No matter how hot the weather may be, your feet will stay cool in these breathable shoes.

Which Shoelaces Should I Wear?

For the pink shoes, you could stick with a pair ofWhite Flat Laces. White shoelaces match the overall soft pink and bright white color scheme. However, if you would rather add another soft pop of color, then you could consider tying up a pair ofBlue and White Rope Laces. These add a soft, subtle addition of color without being too flashy. If you have the pastel green Gazelles, then you could pair them withWhite Oval Laces. These gorgeous shoes in a muted pastel green would look best with understated laces. Depending upon your preference, you may like theWhite Rope Laces instead.

If you are in the market for the perfect shoelaces for sneakers, then you’ve come to the right place. Shop our selection of sport shoelaces today.

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