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April 18, 2017 2 min read

In the past month, Adidas released a variety of different NMD shoes. NMD stands for “nomad,” and these shoes were designed for the adventurous set who love to travel the globe. As a nomad, you want to wear shoes that are both comfortable and stylish, and these shoes are perfect for your travels. Based off of the original NMD shoes release in the mid 1980s, these shoes are characterized for their foam blocks located at the heel and forefoot of the shoe. The midsoles are also designed for comfort, using thousands of TPU bullets bound together in its Boost cushioning technology. The NMD shoe line features kicks in solid colors as well as striped prints and even polka-dotted print. Designed for both men and women, these shoes are sure to impress the most seasoned traveler.







If you purchase the Women’s NMD R1 shoes, then you might want to complement the black shoes with pink accents. You could buy a pair ofPink and White Rope Laces to accent the pink detailing of the shoes. If you buy the pair of women’s NMD CS2 shoes, then you could go for a red shoelaces to accent the navy and white polka dot pattern. Perhaps ourRed Oval Shoe Laces would be the perfect combination for you. For the men with NMD C1 Trail Shoes, you could provide some contrast to the black shoes with a pair ofWhite Rope Laces. Perhaps you would like to draw attention to the brown foam blocks on the shoes. In that case, you could tie on a pair ofBrown Rope Laces.

With so many different NMD designs, you create a million color combinations with our colored shoelaces. Shop Lace Kings today to find sports shoelaces to perfectly compliment your favorite pair of shoes today.

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