The Latest Sneaker Trends on Your Instagram Feed - Lace Kings

April 20, 2016

Instagram has become the world’s go to social media platform for any and all fashion trends. From the Damn Daniel white Vans trend to the colorful shoelaces, Instagram has always been the first to inform us of what is going down in the fashion world.
The funniest thing about the latest trend in kicks is that they are “the latest” at all; rather, they are old waitlist that were waiting for the spotlight to make its round back to them. And who better to endorse these waitlists than our favorite Instagram famous celebrities?
There are five main sneaker fashions which have been flooding our Instagram feed recently and the biggest plus of these fashions is that no matter what, you’ll be comfortable wearing and walking in them. Also, with Instagram’s help, we have also attained valuable ideas on how to dress for success with our sneakers.

Nike Air Max 95 OG

If you’re looking to make a bold style statement, Nike has just what you need. Although this sneaker can’t be pulled off by everyone, there are some who can do it effortlessly and flawlessly. These sneakers come in a variety of colors and can be worn with anything; from a leg baring mini, to your workout sweatpants to boyfriend jeans. Their elevated heels make them all the more comfortable and lend a spring to your step.
What’s best is that the shoelaces available at Lace Kings would go perfectly to make a statement with these shoes. Trying different colors and styles with these kicks would not be hard at all as we provide a wide range that will satisfy the needs of any customer.
Puma Eskiva

Look out world, the sneaker and boot had a baby and its name is Puma Eskiva. Anyone and everyone who is familiar with Instagram is aware of the fact that Kylie and Kendall Jenner are the queens of rocking the kicks. Kylie can be seen sporting the Puma Eskiva above with a super fashionable ensemble. This particular play on Puma’s unique boxing style is one of the most versatile trends we’ve witnessed this year.
A huge advantage is that the shoelaces available at Laces Kings will provide the perfect contrast to these white sneakers. Any color will go and customers can mix and match to their heart’s content. You can even match them with your outfit to add a more stylish look.

Chanel Fabric & Suede Calfskin Sneakers

These sneakers don’t come cheap, but they surely make an extreme style statement with their vibrant colors, chunky and classical silhouette and large Chanel logo. What’s even greater is the fact that Kendall Jenner posted a picture of these kicks on her Instagram and you know a sneaker is worth it when it’s endorsed by a world famous model.

These kicks are ideal for a range of the colors available at Lace Kings. Customers can even mix and match their laces when wearing these sneakers because of the variety of color the sneaker offers itself.

Lace Kings Shoe Lace Sizing Guide

Lace Kings is proud to offer all of the most popular sizes in shoe laces, including 27 inch, 36 inch, 40 inch, 45 inch, 49 inch and 54 inch shoelaces.

Wondering what length of white, black, or colored shoe laces are best for your shoes?

The best way to determine your shoe laces size is to measure the length of the shoelaces you are replacing!

If you are unable to measure the old shoe laces you want to replace, please refer to the shoe lace size chart below. The correct Lace Kings shoe lace length is determined by how many pairs of eyelets (or holes) your shoes have.

Contact us if you have any questions about choosing shoe lace lengths.

4 27" 69cm
5 36" 91cm
5 - 6 40" 102cm
6 45" 114cm
6 - 7 49" 129cm
8 54"