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April 18, 2016 3 min read

So you're looking for the best way for tying shoelaces? We've got your covered.

For the more creative types out there, shoe laces offer the opportunity to transform a boring pair of sneakers or running shoes into something fresh and unique. Statistically, for the average pair of shoes, there are over a trillion different ways to tie your shoelaces. Although they are all not presentable enough to be used to tie shoes regularly, there are plenty of unique shoelace patterns so you can try a new look every day.

Tying Shoelaces, the Old School Way

For most people, the basic process of tying shoelaces goes something like this...

1. Thread one lace over the other, then pull them tight to make a knot.
2. Fold one lace into a loop.
3. Wrap the other lace around the base of the loop.
4. With your index finger, push the wrapping lace under the loop and through the hole to form a second loop.
5. Grab the second loop you started with your other hand and pull on both loops to tighten the knot.


But, people these days have created many different methods to lace their shoes while involving different colored shoe laces, different unique methods, and even different length shoe laces. These methods of lacing shoes can help bring your sneakers or formal shoes to the right fit while also making them look presentable.

If you want lacing methods that will provide a great fit and maximum comfort (and that look pretty cool), here are some of the methods you should seriously consider:


The Ladder Method

This looks super comfortable and is very suitable when you want to go out for a run. We recommend flat laces to create this masterpiece.

The Zipper Method

When you can't get a proper fit on your shoes because your feet are either too slender or too narrow from the heel, this method is guaranteed to give you the perfect shape for the maximum value of the shoe. Flat laces look great, but we recommend the round laces available at Lace Kings for a better final look of the lacing method.

The Loop Back Method

This method is both fashionable and provides maximum luxury. The loop back method does not restrict your foot and allows it to breathe, making it ideal for a day of working out at the gym.

The Lattice Method

The lattice method is creative, stylish and chic. It provides maximum comfort while also being pretty easy to execute. While flat shoe laces (as shown above) provide an excellent final look, we recommend our rope style round shoe laces for a look that is truly amazing and will make your feet want to thank you for combing Lace King’s shoe laces with the lattice lacing method.

The Riding Bow

This lacing method is not only suitable for horseback riding, but also for your everyday footwear. The bow in the middle allows for your foot to breathe while also providing your foot with a good amount of space and a proper fit.

If you are looking to unleash your inner artistic monster, we recommend these lacing methods for your footwear:

The Bi-Color Method

If you want to spruce up your ordinary sneakers, use two different colored shoe laces to master this look. It is both fashionable and allows you to personalize your sneakers by adding a combination of your favorite colors or even mixing and matching them to go with your outfit. Our round laces at Lace King would go perfectly with this method of lacing.

The Checkerboard

As complex as it seems, the checkerboard is totally worth the work put into making the final look. Just look at the twists and turns; it looks absolutely aesthetic and if you choose your color combination right, we can guarantee that you will never want to switch up your lacing method ever again.

The Hidden Knot

While it sounds like something coming out of a secret spy movie, this method makes your shoe look simple and classy and is easy to achieve. However, be sure that your shoe lace length is just right so that your hidden knot doesn’t become “knot” so hidden (get it? I cracked a pun).


All excited to start lacing but need laces? Head over to our collections page to find your style. Happy lacing!


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