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April 20, 2016 4 min read

Whether it’s luxury names or sports brands, they are all bringing out the best of 2016 with new and improved sneakers for men. For those of you who are in a frenzy over the fact that you don’t know what’s the latest in sneaker fashion, we’ve made it easier for you by narrowing it down to a few of the latest styles and designs that we feel have taken over the world of kicks in 2016.

This year, sneakers are going in two main directions. First, there are the luxury names that are taking a piece of the sneaker cake by offering up their own line of sportswear and there are the active brands that are investing in lifestyle variations of their already popular running shoes. The independent craftsmen are creating their own unique sneaker fashion by imitating shoes made in Italy with unique leather material.

1) All-White Sneakers

White sneakers have become; by far, one of the most important essentials in any man’s wardrobe. Their versatility and capacity to go with any outfit make them the most famous sneaker style in men’s fashion. This year, the monochrome footwear trend is making a big boom in the form of tennis shoes, which can be seen both on and off the court. Sure, keeping them clean is a headache, but why turn down something that goes so perfectly with everything? This year, a special trend has also been added to the fashionable favorite: gum rubber soles. These soles ensure an extra grip and heat up as you move, but they still do not affect the simplicity of the all-white sneaker.
Imagine all-white sneakers with bold black or colored shoelaces. You can make this image a reality by using the services available at Lace Kings.

2) Off-beat Materials

Suede is very fashionable this year. The neutral tone of suede along with the texture it lends to footwear has made it a national favorite in the sneaker front. They offer a depth to the shoe and a matte finish which is so flawless that it cannot be obtained by any other material. Suede is a popular material and it is usually found in boots, but their use in sneakers is opening new doors in the footwear industry.

Another popular material making its way to the fashion red carpet is pony hair. It is a classy alternative to leather and is usually kept in its natural and subtle color when used on sneakers. Pony hair, although a cheaper alternative to leather may not be preferred by some for the fact that it may bring harm to the ponies that were used to produce the hair, in such cases, the next material I am about to name is ideal for a guilt free purchase of animal harm free sneakers.

That’s not all; cork is another material that is making a bang in the world of sneaker fashion. Its earthy brown material and bark-like finish makes it ideal for vegans who do not want animals to be harmed in any way during the production of their shoes. There are also some brands which are releasing colorful options with a cork interior included in their designs.

These materials would be elevated to a higher level and would become a style statement with the use of unique and quality shoelaces, which would be easy to find at the Lace Kings website.

3) Pastel Colors

This season’s Adidas X Raf Simons Stan Smith collection has taken the sneaker industry by storm. They’ve taken pastel colors (like mint, baby blue, pastel yellow, etc.) and turned them into phenomenal designs that can be worn by men with full confidence of pulling them off. Some men are styling their pastel colored kicks with black socks and pants, while others take a denim approach.
Pastel colored kicks would become even more vibrant if you were to wear them with their vivid counterpart in shoelaces. The color would pop more and would reflect your own personalized style. You can find the vivid color counterpart of your pastel colored sneakers at Lace Kings.

4) Printed Kicks

Footwear is becoming more of a piece of art than what it used to be. This promotion has brought about many different fashionable prints into the realm of sneakers. From doodles, to animations, to superhero emblems (like the Bat signal or Superman’s signature ‘S’). Camo print is also a dominant print that continues to be a favorite with smoky greys and militant inlays becoming rampant.
Printed sneakers can be enhanced with the use of similarly colored or contrast colored shoelaces, which can be found at an affordable price and an outstanding quality at Lace Kings.

5) Custom-made and Hand Crafted

People are rapidly becoming more and more attracted to the concept of handmade items with the flourishing of factory line production in modern society. The antiquity and customized feel that they give has a charm that makes them unique from the typical factory manufactured items. Men are increasingly turning to these personalized shoes for the freedom of choice they provide with the leather (a range of calfskin, buffalo hide, etc. is available) to the sole (cork, rubber, etc.); the world’s the limit. The best part is that the shoe speaks for itself and does not need any brand to make it clear what a style statement these sneakers are.

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