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April 18, 2016 2 min read

Have you grown tired of the same old black or white shoelaces? Well, we have just the thing to brighten your shoes up. The colored shoe laces at Lace Kings are just what you need to help bring some much-needed color to your daily footwear. From boots to sneakers, we cater to all your shoelace needs with our vast collection of shoelaces to choose from.

When it comes to shoelaces, you can literally find any color, pattern, print, etc. from anywhere. Solid colors, checkered shoelaces; the options are endless. Our personal favorites are rope style shoelaces which are available in many different colors at Lace Kings.


Blue Rope Laces


You can add a little more flair by using a pair of two different shoelaces instead of one. Colored shoelaces go especially well with the all-white sneaker trend that is in fashion these days. Colorful shoelaces go great with any and everything; from your combat boots right down to your handcrafted leather shoes. We can guarantee that (without a doubt) each time you look down at your feet, you will feel a burst of happiness after looking at your plain shoes with that much-needed splash of color.

Sneakerheads will find a great selection of laces for expanding your shoelace collection. Matches your shoelaces to go with anything and everything in your wardrobe.

Flat shoe laces are ideal for casual sneakers and even running shoes. This is because of the fact that round shoe laces have a tendency to get untied when they are disturbed too much, while flat shoe laces can stay tied for days even when doing the intense physical activity.

It is also important to keep in mind that when you are choosing two different colored shoe laces for a single shoe, they should be of the same length to make sure that you can get an effective result when lacing up your shoes.

The advantage of using multicolored laces on a single shoe is that they provide a finish that cannot be obtained with a single lace method. Also, they help add more color to your shoes and even if you are wearing an all-white or an all-black ensemble, you can still manage to look fabulous with a splash of color from your shoelaces.

After all, colorful shoe laces did take some 5,500 years to take the fashion world by storm and it would be a shame to spend your entire life stuck on the same color shoe laces that your shoes came with. They also come in handy when your shoe laces are on the verge of ripping or when you get a stain on your white shoe laces.


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