May 12, 2017 2 min read

On May 12, Nike releases itsWMNS Air Max 95 Fiberglass shoes in a light turquoise color, perfect for spring or summer. These high top shoes derive from the Air-Sole footwear line Nike first debuted in 1970s. In 1987, the Nike Air Max 1 was unveiled, featuring visible air in the heel so that wearers could see the comfort that they felt in the cushioning. Over the years, the Air Max line has grown in popularity and evolved in its innovative design. The newest pair of women’s Air Max shoes highlight their beautiful coloring with an upper made out of satin and leather. Complementing the pastel blue-green upper is the clean white midsole for a truly stunning aesthetic. The gum rubber outsoles ensure superior grip and traction so that you always stay on your feet.

Depending upon your personal tastes, we offer a few different recommendations for shoelaces to pair with your turquoise footwear. In order to enhance the white and light blue color combination, you could pair your shoes with a some classicWhite Rope Shoelaces. These durable, high-quality shoelaces emphasize the light, cheerful colors of the shoe. If you prefer a patterned shoelace, then you would like theGrey and White Rope Shoelaces. These rugged shoelaces feature the classic, understated combination of a light grey and bright white for a truly clean look. Our final recommendation is to highlight the bright white accents on the midsole of your footwear with a pair ofWhite Oval Shoelaces. These crisp, clean shoelaces will not flip around or become tangled when you are running and stay tied.

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