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December 27, 2016 2 min read

If you are wondering what the future will look like, then take a look at Nike’s new Hyperadapt sneakers. The release of these highly anticipated sneakers of the future has been confirmed by Nike. Nike’s latest platform breakthrough, the Hyperadapt 1.0 will be available to purchase by appointment only, at a price of $720 USD.

Having first appeared in Back to the Future Part II in 1989, self-lacing sneakers have been anticipated since the last 30 years. Thanks to NIKE MAG, these sneakers have finally become a reality. This shoe encompasses advancements in digital, mechanical and electrical engineering, bring a product with brings the ultimate solution to individual preferences in preferences in tension and lacing. Shoes like this have just entered the market, but hopefully, they will become cheaper to manufacture. But for now, you will have to cough up over $700 USD for these futuristic shoes.

The sneakers feature a high-tech sensor in the heel along with a mini-motor which will automatically tighten the show. Two buttons will be featured on both sides of the shoe to tighten and loosen it, allowing you to adjust it until it fits perfectly. Along with this, the shoe allows for micro-adjustments to be made swiftly. You can accomplish precise and consistent lacing with this new technology. Nike has designed this state-of-the-art street footwear keeping in mind the high amounts of stress feet are subjected to during competition. The shoe maximizes comfort and fits along with absorbing some of the forces that an athlete's foot is subjected to.

This adaptive lacing is a baby step in the advancements in footwear technology. In the future, we can be looking at tailored-to-the-moment custom where shoes can sense what type of fit the body needs at each time. The Hyperadapt sneakers are lightweight and rechargeable sneakers which are available in black/white-blue lagoon color as well as silver/black, white color combination.

These sneakers have pushed the boundary of innovation and opened up new advancements in sneaker culture. The self-lacing sneaker fro now will be a rarity, but in the future, we will be seeing this footwear becoming more common and readily available int he market. The level of comfort provided by these sneakers will be like never before, adding a new dimension to the world of competitive sports. This will defiantly create a new market and new niche for these self-lacing, hyper-adaptive sneaker footwear.



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