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December 23, 2016 2 min read


Many celebrities, be it movie stars, musicians or athletes have jumped into the streetwear fashionworld by starting their line of sneaker and athletic footwear. Who doesn't want to look like a celebrity? Well, wearing shoe designed by our favorite actors, actresses, rappers, and athletic stars can bring us one step closer to looking like a celebrity. 2015 has especially been the breakout year for celebrity footwear, with many ground-breaking and popular designs being added to the sneaker culture.

One of the most popular additions to urban street-wear fashion had been the launch of the Yeezy sneaker collection by none other than the rapper king Kanye West. The in-demand and highly popular shoe line are available in a high range of 350 colors including their ever-popular all black and tan Yeezy sneakers. This collaboration of Kanye with Adidas has proven to be an increasingly popular one. 


Another singer/ song-writer that wasted no time in entering the shoe designing business has been Rihanna. Her collaboration with Puma had led to a highly successful launch of athletic foot wear. News has it that she will also be releasing another athletic bran by next year at New York Fashion Week. Rita Ora also-also recently unveiled her new collection with Adidas. Another launch of celebrity designed sneakers have been the King Push EQT sneakers with Adidas by Pusha T. Timberland is another big name in the sneaker industry. And Pharrell Williams line, Ice Creams, with Timberland has proven to be a highly successful and popular endeavor. Rick Ross also had his signature Reeboks and Gorillaz, a cartoon rock band designed their line with Converse.

Rappers have also been known to be quite popular in the sneaker world. The earliest group of rappers made sneakers part of their signature look. So of course, it wasn't long before rappers began designing this trendy street-wear. Track suits along with a matching pair of Adidas Superstars sans the laces became the staple rapper outfit. Adidas was one of the first shoe brands to take advantage of this market appeal by signing up a rap group as the face of their sneaker campaign. Adidas have since then become a signature choice ad Hip-Hop's footwear. Reebok also entered into the game by signing big rappers like Jay-Z who introduced his signature sneakers the S. Carter. 50 cent was also part of this signature sneaker line up for Reebok. Missy Elliot's collaboration with Adidas became the first sneaker line designed by a female rapper. Celebrities have added to the urban sneaker cultureleaving behind an everlasting impact and transforming the face of sneaker culture forever.


In the world of sports, we all know of the popular Nike Jordan’s by the famous basketball player Michael Jordan. These sneakers have stormed through the sneaker world with huge popularity. Recently, NBA star and elite footballer Victor Crus launched his Nike Air TR silhouette to add to the plethora of signature NBA shoes already present in the market.

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