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January 20, 2020 4 min read

The Basics

Shoelaces not only fasten up your shoes, but they are also used to make a statement. Shoelaces come in different colors, fabrics, and sizes and the options available can be daunting, There's just so many to choose from.

The guide below will take you through finding the laces that you need for your shoes, educate you about the anatomy of a typical lace and make you informed about shoelaces materials and what we use. 

Let's get started. 


Why Replace Your Laces?


Change Sneaker Colorway

Yeezy 700 Lace Swap We make some great looking laces that can act as a nice accent to your shoe's current colorway, complement an existing color combination, or add a new color to your sneakers altogether.

Here you'll find a variety of colors and styles so you can find a style that fits your kicks and your personality.

Complement An Outfit

Sometimes it looks great to color coordinate between different articles of clothing. For example, you've got a shirt that features some red accent colors in the logo, and you plan to wear with some sneakers that sport a predominantly white and black colorway. Swapping those lace with some red laces that match the shade from your shirt logo can really make your outfit look very intentional and put together.  Get creative here whether your designing for everyday use, going to the gym or going for a run. 

Clean Up and Restore

Your tried and true favorite sneakers have always been there for you. You throw them on whenever you need to step outside. If you've really gotten a lot of use out of your sneakers, chances are you've started to wear down their look.

 When your favorite shoes have been out in the elements, stepped in a mud puddle, walked down dirty city streets, or whatever the case, sometimes a fresh pair of laces can really help with cleaning up the look or worn shoes. 

A fresh pair of laces is like buying yourself a fresh pair of underwear; It makes you feel clean and gives you a certain kind of happiness that can't really be explained. We find it's the same feeling of replacing a worn set of laces. 

Finding Your Perfect Lace

Lace Sizing

First, you're going to want to find a size lace that will fit your sneakers.

The best way to determine the size of laces required for your shoes is to measure them tip to tip. To do this you just need an ordinary tape measure, a ruler will be too short. To use this method, you have to unlace your sneakers and lie down the lace on a table. This takes a little extra time, but it's really the best way to be sure of the stock lace length for your sneakers. 

If you'd rather not go that route, we can make a pretty accurate assumption of the required lace length based on the number of eyelets in your shoes.

Sizing is determined by the number of eyelets in the shoe. Eyelets are the holes in the shoes which you put the laces through to tie up your shoes. Count the eyelets up one side of the shoe to determine the number of pairs. Then, refer to our sizing chart below to find your size.

Types of Laces

The type of lace you choose is often driven by which laces you currently have in your shoes. Many times this laces type was chosen as the best fit for the eyelets installed on the shoe. But sometimes, changing up the style can give you a new look and feel. Each comes with their own benefits. 

Lace Kings carries three main types of laces:

Round Laces

Round laces are useful on a variety of casual shoes and sneakers. These laces are considered to be thicker than most other round laces which make them feel premium. These laces are also some of our most unique and popular styles of laces with many two-tone color options and many striking solid colors.

Flat Laces

Flat laces are among some of the most popular for many casual sneakers. We offer a wider option which feels high quality to the touch, Tight weaving and quality materials make this a staple of quality. 

The most common style is flat. Daily wear sneakers, like sports shoes, commonly have these and they are usually more comfortable. They stay tied for a longer period of time and this is why they are commonly used in sneakers that are used for exercise-related activities (e.g. running or going to the gym).

Oval laces

Also known as athletic laces, these laces commonly found pre-installed on running and training sneakers. They feature a padded inner core which give them some squish while remaining very lightweight and hold a knot well while running. We’ve also seen these show up on a lot of casual sneakers 

Shoelace Anatomy


Aglets are an essential shoelace component that is necessary to hold the lace weave intact. Aglets are the lace tips or ends of the shoelaces which hold them together and prevent them from unraveling.

Our aglets are made from a high-quality film plastic aglet with 'Lace Kings' branding printed on them. Currently, only the round and flat laces feature branding on the aglet tips. 

If you're looking for a really bold option for enhancing the 'bling' factor of your sneakers, we sell gold Yeezy style metal aglets available here



Shoelace Materials

Shoelaces can be made from a wide range of fibrous materials. From wool to polyester to cotton, the options are limitless. What counts is that the material should be strong and durable in order to be effective and function properly as shoelaces.

The weave on the shoelaces also contributes to the look, feel, thickness, and density of the laces. Whether the shoelace is in a rope woven style or a flat style, the material used for shoelaces needs to be suitable for the style as well.

It's important to understand the dynamics of shoelaces before you make a purchase. For affordable and high-quality shoelaces, our laces are a step above the rest and we guarantee a satisfaction level for our customers unlike any other.

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