Colored Shoelaces: Shoelaces For Your Air Jordan 11 Columbia Low - Lace Kings

April 15, 2017

A fan favorite of athletic shoes, the Air Jordan 11 Low Columbia returned to the market this year as a part of Jordan Brand’s Spring/Summer 2017 Collection. Air Jordans first originated in 1985, when Nike released their first sneaker endorsed by Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all time. In fact, there’s even a term for people who love Air Jordans, “Jordan Heads.”

Air Jordan 11 Low Columbia

The new version of the Air Jordan 11 Low Columbia is a revamped version of a pair of shoes last seen in 2001. This shoe features a white premium leather and university blue patent leather design. The blue color is incorporated into the design as a salute to the college Jordan attended, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. The light blue color is found on the mudguard, the tongue, and the heel of the shoe.

What Shoelaces Match These Shoes?

Because of the clean design and colors of this shoe, you can choose from a variety of different types of shoelaces. For a more classic look with a slight contrast, you might want to pair these shoes with the Black and White Rope Laces. If you would rather match the blue tones in your shoe, then you could tie on a pair of Neon Blue Oval Shoe Laces. These light blue laces could offset the colors of the mudguard and tongue quite nicely. Another option is to tie on a pair of Blue and White Rope Laces, which perfectly incorporate both colors of the shoe into their design. These are only a few suggestions, and you could personalize your Air Jordans with your favorite pair of shoelaces for sneakers. If you need a pair of colored shoelaces for your Air Jordans or other shoes, shop Lace Kings today for the best selection of sports shoelaces.


Lace Kings Shoe Lace Sizing Guide

Lace Kings is proud to offer all of the most popular sizes in shoe laces, including 27 inch, 36 inch, 40 inch, 45 inch, 49 inch and 54 inch shoelaces.

Wondering what length of white, black, or colored shoe laces are best for your shoes?

The best way to determine your shoe laces size is to measure the length of the shoelaces you are replacing!

If you are unable to measure the old shoe laces you want to replace, please refer to the shoe lace size chart below. The correct Lace Kings shoe lace length is determined by how many pairs of eyelets (or holes) your shoes have.

Contact us if you have any questions about choosing shoe lace lengths.

4 27" 69cm
5 36" 91cm
5 - 6 40" 102cm
6 45" 114cm
6 - 7 49" 129cm
8 54"