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April 13, 2017 2 min read

Spring has sprung, which means warmer weather, blooming flowers, and a transition from your darker, heavier winter clothes to your lighter, brighter spring wardrobe. Finally, you can trade your heavier winter coats for lighter hoodies and cardigans. As you transition into your spring time apparel, you might want to brighten up your style with a pair of softly colored shoes. Why not add some spring time flair to your wardrobe with a pair of Adidas NMB in “Vapour Pink?”

What Makes These Shoes Stand Apart

The “NMD” in the Adidas shoes are short for nomad, and these shoes are perfect for the adventurous types who are always on the go. Featuring the classic three stripes characterizing Adidas shoes, the vapour pink shoes are a soft, pastel pink color perfect for spring or summer. Accents of both white and grey set off the beauty of this soft pink hue, resulting in a truly stunning shoe.

The Idea Behind These Shoes

Adidas developed their original NMD shoe line in the 1980s, which included the Micro Pacer in 1984, which even had a mini-computer to track the distance and speed of the wearer. Today’s NMB is devoid of any minicomputers, but it displays the classic look characterized by the Adidas brand.

Some of the more unique elements that characterize the vapour pink Adidas NMD are the grey foam blocks located at the heel and the forefoot. Of course, a shoe designed for a nomadic lifestyle would be designed for comfort just as much as for style. This shoe includes Boost, which is the technology used in its cushioning. Boost incorporates thousands of TPU bullets into its design for an ultra-comfortable landing pad.

NMD- Inspired Photography Exhibit

NMD shoes are so popular that artists have even createdexhibits in both New York and LA featuring some of the most recent NMD releases. Photographers Jonathan Mannion in NYC and Estevan Oriol in LA created curated exhibits of artwork by up-and-coming street photographers.

For the vapour pink NMD, we recommend theOval Shoe Laces in grey. The grey perfectly compliments the grey blocks of color found in the NMD shoes. However, some of you might want to make that vapour pink color pop even more by accenting it with some other colored shoelaces.The Rope Laces in Blue and White perfectly complement the soft pink color of these kicks. When you combine these pink shoes with soft blue and white laces, you have the ultimate spring/summer sneakers that are sure to turn heads! If you want an even wilder color scheme, try pairing your shoes with theOval Shoe Laces in Neon Blue. These bright blue laces add the ultimate summertime flair for your nomadic footgear so that you will walk into your next party in style. These are only a few of our suggestions, but express yourself and go crazy with our selection of colored shoelaces! Shop our inventory of sport shoelaces at Lace Kings today to add some flair to your favorite pair of shoes.

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