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A Guide to Shoelaces

by Mike Cybulski April 18, 2016

A Guide to Shoelaces

Whether they’re called shoelaces or shoe strings (in American English) or bootlaces in British English, they are not only used to secure and fasten your shoes, but they are also used to make a statement. Shoelaces come in different colors, fabrics and sizes and you can mix and match them to your convenience. At Lace Kings, you can find a variety of colors and materials so you can find a style that fits your kicks and your personality.

Style of Shoelaces

The most common style is flat. Daily wear sneakers, like sports shoes, commonly have these and they are usually more comfortable. They stay tied for a longer period of time and this is why they are commonly used in sneakers that are used for exercise related activities (e.g. running or going to the gym).

Another popular style is round shoelaces (which can be found in a wide variety at Lace Kings). Round style shoelaces go best with formal shoes. The round shoelaces available at Lace Kings are in a very wide range of colors such as red, brown, neon green, black, etc.


Shoelaces and Aglets

Aglets are the end of the shoelaces which hold them together. Without them, the uniform knit on your shoelaces would unravel and be ruined. Usually, aglets are made of clear plastic, but you can personalize them to bring a more fashionable factor to your boring sneakers. Here at Lace Kings, we have gold Yeezy style metal aglets which are sure to bling up your shoelaces in a matter of seconds. Aglets are an essential shoelace accessory which are necessary to keep the shoelace well maintained.

We at Lace Kings also offer Yeezy style aglets which give a bold exclusive look to any pair of sneakers. Check them out in our store. 


Shoelace Materials

Shoelaces can be made from a wide range of materials. From wool to polyester to cotton, the options are limitless. What counts is that the material should be strong and durable in order to be effective and function properly as shoelaces. The weave on the shoelaces also count for a proper set of the shoelace. Whether the shoelace is in a rope woven style or a flat style, the material used for shoelaces need to be suitable for the style as well.

It's important to understand the dynamics of shoelaces before you make a purchase. For affordable and high quality shoelaces, our services are a step above the rest and we guarantee a satisfaction level for our customers unlike any other.

Mike Cybulski
Mike Cybulski