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Nike Lebron 14 "Camo" Sneakers

by Mike Cybulski June 02, 2017

Nike Lebron 14 "Camo" Sneakers

Trick out these shoes with the latest colors and styles. Lace Kings can guide you with quality replacement laces or make a bold statement with new colors.

The King usually debuts special kicks when playing in Hollywood and March 19, 2017 was no different. He debuted a special City of Angels version of the Nike LeBron XIV in white, black and grey camouflage pattern on the upper highlighted with red details. These sought after kicks are definitely a collector's dream.

There are many colorways of laces to make your Nike Lebron 14 "Camo" extra special. Grab a few different colors and styles. And remember that each and every pair of shoe laces is carefully packed in a reusable capped tube. Here some ideas for your Camos are:

The Lebron 14 "Camp" sneakers can be outfitted with 49 inch laces.

Grey/White Rope

Red Rope

Red/Black Rope

White Rope

Black Rope

Black/White Round

Red/Black Round

Mike Cybulski
Mike Cybulski